Avoid the Cheap Look

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The old saying is that you get what you pay for. But this is not always the case. Sometimes the moderately priced item looks surprisingly good, and sometimes the expensive item is a disappointment. It would seem the effort we put into making the best choice is as important as the amount of money we end up spending. So it helps to know what to look for.

A bag will look cheap if:

  • It’s not made of leather, or a good facsimile of leather.
  • If its appearance is uneven, meaning uneven colours that are not a pattern, or if it is asymmetrical in a random way.
  • If it does not have a pleasing texture. Shiny plastic always looks cheap.
  • If it does not hold its shape.
  • If it looks worn.
  • If it does not have a subtle approach to style. The lines of an expensive bags achieve their look with unobtrusive minimalism- every line and stich is deliberate. Too much detail ruins the overall effect.
  • Hardware is lightweight. Zips and buttons should look solid.
  • It is teenybopper or cutesy.
  • If it has a large logo.
  • A bag looks cheap if you intuitively feel it looks cheap.

Some good points.

  • An immaculate monogram.
  • Two colour design, where the colours really work well together.
  • It matches several outfits, or matches both formal wear and office attire.
  • It looks solid
  • The hardware looks solid
  • The zipper does not protrude from either end.
  • It is plain, or has a simple pattern
  • It seems neatly proportioned
  • It has a certain ‘theme’ – it is coherent
  • It holds it shape
  • There is nothing you want to add or take away from the bag to ‘improve’ it.

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We may choose some bags for function rather than appearance. But these two goals are not mutually exclusive. We can find a bag that looks great and does everything we need. And this will tend to be the bags we keep going back to.

Bags Online Shopping

Bags are ideal for buying online. There is not real issue with finding the right size, and because the items are moderately sized the postage/delivery cost is reasonable.

Check out the range of designer bags, and find at least a few that appeal to you.

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