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Caring for Leather Bags

Rugged Hide Bags

Leather bags have a natural look and feel. This is a mark of authenticity, and a factor that makes leather and other organic products superior to cheap imitation materials.

Leather will have irregularities, imperfections, creases, and colour differences. This is part of the aesthetic, reminding us that the product has been crafted from organic material. Over time these imperfections will increase, as the item suffers some wear and tear. This to is part of the product’s appeal. At the same time we want to keep our leather products in the best condition possible.

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– Use high quality leather polishing and cleaning products. Spot check the products to ensure that they do not harm the finish.

– Use a microfibre cloth to wipe down the leather. Make sure this cloth is extremely clean, as even the tiniest amount of grit on the surface can cause scratching.

– Avoid Vigorous rubbing. Do not use solvent or soap, only leather products.

– Avoid exposing the leather to direct Sunlight – this will cause fading. Obviously we must carry the bags with us during at least some of the day. But avoid leaving leather bags in a car seat where they are exposed to the Sun, and temptation from thieves.

– Avoid heat and moisture. This can cause wrinkeling of the leather. If leather gets wet it will get stuck in that shape as it dries.

– Oil and grease will stain leather, as the material is permeable. This is a big issue with handbags as we often carry makeup, sunscreen and other body products. Keep the handbag away when using these items. If grease or oil does get on the leather, it needs to be cleaned immediatly.

– Be minimal with the bag. If we stretch the bag by putting too much inside we will ruin its shape.

– Let the bag breath. Do not wrap it in plastic. Store it in a clean, dry place. Moisture absorbers in and around the bag can help.

– Never leave the bag on the ground. This will quicky get the leather dirt. Put the bag on a hook, on a chair, or in your lap.

– Naked, unsealed leather is more prone to stains and damage than sealed leather. So the precautions are even more strict.

– When a leather handbag is new the surface colour may rub off on surrounding items. This can be a nightmare if a new leather bag rubs against white clothing, and leaves a mark. So when a bag is new it should only be used with dark clothing. Polishing with a microfibre cloth will remove some ‘loose’ surface colour.

Rugged Hide Bags

Genuine leather feels and looks organic. Find the right leather handbag to suit your sense of style.

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