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Most of us are aware of the risk of theft. Perhaps the internet has made us more aware than ever of the security risk involved with credit details or personal identity details. But physical theft, pickpockets and purse snatchers, are as much a threat as they ever were. It makes sense to take precautions against this type of theft.

Good anti-theft habits.

  • Keep bags across your body if possible, not just over one shoulder.
  • Wear the bag in front.
  • Always keep a hand on the bag when on buses, trains and other transport.
  • Avoid walking next to a road- a person on a motor scooter can easily snatch a bag if you are too near the road.
  • Don’t keep all valuables in the one bag /one location.

Anti-theft features in bags and luggage.

  • Anti-slash fabric.
  • Locking pockets, at least on the outside.
  • Interior pockets rather than external pockets.
  • Radio frequency ID blocking. Because some thieves will try to read your credit card chips and other documentation by radio link. Some wallets have this function.
  • Reinforced shoulder straps. Steel wire is good for this.
  • Locking clips or a padlock.
  • A tracking device.

Bags Online Shopping

Unlike clothing or shoes there are no size issue with ordering a bag online. You can find most of the information about a bag online, and simply order the bag with the features you need.

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