Aspects of Buying a Bag

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A few online surveys and blogs have looked at and discussed what women look for in a handbag.

The Drop

This is how the handbag hangs from the shoulders. If you can comfortably reach into the bag while it is on your shoulder then the drop is good.

Adjustable Strap

If you can adjust the strap then you can adjust the way the handbag drops from the shoulder.


The size of the main compartment inside the bag. This will accommodate glasses, sunglasses, notebooks, phones, iPad, and other ‘hand-sized’ items.


There is a pragmatic and psychological appeal to this. It feels good to have everything in its own compartment, like organizing your life by organizing your handbag possessions.
The Exterior Pockets are good.


Unlike old cartoons a woman never uses her handbag to hit somebody, se weight is not a bonus.

We probably carry the handbag around all day, so less weight is less tiring.


Ornamentation is not really a bonus.  Simple lines work well. Like a caricature, it defines itself with a few lines and shapes that are in exactly the right place.

Weather resistant.

We don’t want a soaking wet bag with soaking wet contents.


If it zips tight shut then there is far less chance of pickpockets.

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No one particular fashion bag suits everybody. In fact, most individuals own several bags. Each bag suits them, or the occasion, or the fashion of the time in a different way.

Fins the style(s) that suit you.

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