Luggage Shop Sydney

Luggage Shop Sydney

Luggage Shop Sydney

Those of us who travel frequently as part of our job, who even travel frequently as tourist, know the importance of having one good suitcase. Even those of us who only travel once per year should know that a good suitcase is a worthwhile investment. It’s now like we can travel without any luggage. And cheap suitcases will cause problems.

Disadvantages of Cheap luggage:

  • Cheap luggage does not last long. And it only takes one fault, like a broken zipper or a faulty wheel, to render the luggage useless.
  • If the luggage is heavy it will break airline restrictions. This means paying fines each time you travel.
  • A poorly designed bag makes it hard to access your belongings. Separate compartments make all the difference. This is important when you are living out of your suitcase.
  • Luggage needs to offer some protection to your belongs. Cheap luggage tends to offer less protection.
  • Good quality luggage needs to lockable for security reasons. This prevents some forms of theft.
  • Cheap luggage often looks generic, and a lot of people by it. So you bag will look like so many other bags, and be hard to distinguish on collection.
  • Cheap luggage tends to look poor, and it only gets worse with age and wear.


Idea Choices at the Luggage Shop Sydney

So what should we look for in travel luggage?

  • Easy to transport. Packpacks are good for this, as are luggage with wheels.
  • Extendable handles on wheeled luggage make for easy use.
  • Lightweight, because aircraft have luggage weight restrictions.
  • Robust, because we want it to last, and travel entails some tough treatment.
  • Good zips that are easy to use, lockable, and do not break. A broken zip is a useless bag.
  • Separate compartments, some accessible from the outside. When you live out of a suitcase for any period you realize that organizing compartment are important.
  • Lockable, for security. But this must be a lock that airport security can open.
  • Soft cases, like backpack, can be stowed in overhead lockers and pushing into smaller spaces.
  • Hard cases offer reasonably good protection.
  • Extendable handles on wheeled luggage make for easy use.
  • Water resistant bags prevent a lot of problems from rainy conditions.

Rainbow Bags offers a huge range of luggage, as well as fashion handbags, backpacks, computer cases and other travel accessories. We believe quality matters, and that each person should find the items that feel and look right to them. Browse our range online.

Luggage Shop Sydney

Affordable and long lasting, it is worthwhile to invest in some quality luggage that will last a lifetime of trips.

Luggage Shop Sydney

Choosing Luggage Shop Sydney

Luggage Shop Sydney

We might think that choice is a good thing, until we have to make a difficult decision. Still, if we have a wide variety of options we do have a good chance of choosing something that works out well. And if we do some research beforehand, we can usually make a well-informed choice.


Choosing a travel bag isn’t exactly a life or death matter, but a poorly chosen bag may ruin a vacation, especially if it is the only bag that we take. And if we travel frequently we will be forced to either buy a new bag, or live with our original bad choice.


What to Look For – Luggage Shop Sydney


Size and weight –

Everybody prefers a lighter bag, but this is a trade-off with size and durability. We do have an advantage today that modern materials, such as carbon fibre, polycarbonate, and ABS, are much lighter than older materials of similar strength and durability. So we can have a reasonably light bag that is strong enough for most situations.


Another modern advantage is cases on wheels. It is obviously easier to pull a wheeled bag at the airport than carry a similar bag of the same weight. Unfortunately, this advantage disappears on rough terrain, and we may be forced to carry the bag on occasion.


Features –

Will you need a lot of pockets and compartments? Do you need to access at least some of these from the outside, without opening the main part of the bag?

Will you need locks on all those compartments? Remember that locks need to be accessible to airport security; you cannot just add a padlock, or they will forcibly remove it.


Price –

We are all on a budget. And we know that quality and price tend to correlate. The more expensive item tends to last longer. But it is not always that simple. There are expensive items that are not suitable for our situation. And there are moderate-priced items that perform quite well.

If you only travel on rare occasions then the cheaper bag might be a good option if it is only used once. Alternately, you can buy the expensive item and sell it when you return. Name-brand luggage will get a reasonably good second-hand price.


What You Need –

A large bag that is half-full is a lousy situation. Make sure you know what you will be travelling with in advance, and buy the bag accordingly. Perhaps allow 10% extra for the last-minute unknown items.


Think Creatively –

Depending on where you travel you can buy some things at your destination. You can also leave some things behind when you return. This works well if you stay at one destination, but not if you plan to backpack to several places.


Buy several pairs of matching socks when you go on vacation, and then give them to charity bins on the last day of the trip. Buy some cheap shoes at your destination, and perhaps give them away.

Luggage Shop Sydney

Backpacks, airport luggage, fashion handbags, schoolbags … we have the stylish and functional bags for all situations.

Handbags Online Sale.Luggage Shop Sydney.

Influence and Style and Handbags

Handbags Online Sale

It is impossible not to be influenced by the culture we live in. But this is not to say we are slaves to the fashions around us. We are exposed to a lot of different styles, trends, beauty ideas, foreign cultures and other influences. It wouldn’t be possible to have them all at once or combine them all, or even see a common thread amid the myriad of images. But we can find the few ideas and fashions that we do like, and find a way to use them for ourselves.


Of course, the modern digital age has greatly increased our exposure to culture. Almost the whole world is online. There is more than anyone could possibly keep up with. So the trick is to seek out the fashion ideas and trends that best work for us.


Online searches can be enjoyable when we are looking for something that interests us. Look through fashion sites, YouTube videos, fashion blogs. Search for anything that might interest you, and use the image option on the search engine. We can get through a lot of material when we scan over pictures. Take note of anything that catches your attention.


Buying Handbags Online Sale

When it comes to handbags, we do need to remember functionality. Of course, we want the handbag to both look good and to match the rest of our fashion accessories. But we need a few pockets, a zip or clasp that closes neatly, a strap that is the right length to be comfortable. There will be a mobile phone or device to carry, all our cosmetics, credit cards and other cards, and those personal items we never leave at home. We need a handbag that can effortlessly carry all of this, and still look good.


Buying Luggage Shop Sydney

Travel luggage will become a popular item again now that travel restrictions are being lifted. This isn’t like a handbag, the fashion statement that we use every day. Luggage puts practicality first, though we do like our luggage to look snazzy, especially when we realise that we will live out of the luggage for our entire holiday.


Look for luggage that is easy to handle. Wheels make all the difference. Side pockets are often useful, though they may not be secure. Size is important. It is unbearable if the suitcase is too small. But also pretty bad when a larger suitcase is half empty.


Rainbow Bags provide a huge selection of handbags, luggage, backpacks, and children’s cases. We understand that both style and function are important. By stocking such a large range, we provide something for all occasions and all individual tastes. Find the right accessories, handbags and luggage that suit you.


Handbags Online Sale

There is a world of handbags, luggage and accessories online. Find the right individual fashion bag for your sense of style.


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Handbag Materials and Fabrics

Handbags – Bags Online Shopping

Most of us wouldn’t want to leave the home without a handbag. They are basically a necessity in today’s world. About the only other necessity today is our mobile phone, and we usually carry this in out handbag too. So, the issue is finding the right handbag for us, and there is no reason to limit ourselves to just one. It’s perfectly fine to have a few handbags to suit different occasions.

So, how do we choose?

Handbag Fabrics – Bags Online Shopping


PU Leather – Also called vegan leather, this is made from synthetic polyurethane instead of animal skin.

  • It is quite waterproof.
  • It is quite mildew resistant.
  • Comes in many colours.
  • It looks quite like natural leather.
  • It won’t suffer too much sun damage, unlike natural leather which can crack over time.
  • It is quite inexpensive, cheaper than natural leather.


On the downside, it will burn in fire, and is not quite as durable as natural leather. Also, being almost airtight, it has no breathability.


PVC Leather – This is also synthetic. It has 4 layers of material, including a foam layer, a skin layer, a faux leather base and a protective plastic coating.


  • Very waterproof.
  • Very stain and mildew resistant.
  • Comes in many colours.
  • More durable that most materials.
  • It is quite inexpensive.


The downside is that it is flammable under some conditions, and has no breathability.


Nylon or Polyester – Made from a petroleum product.


  • A nice shiny, silky appearance
  • This is moderately inexpensive
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Quite strong
  • Will not shrink or wrinkle.
  • Some flame resistance.


On the downside, some people consider nylon to be cheap looking. It can be damaged by sunlight and may suffer from staining and dirt.



Cotton – This has many variations, including muslin and denim. So, it has many options for textures, colours and weave patterns.


  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Less expensive than some options
  • Many colour, texture patterns.


It is unfortunately not waterproof, it is prone to mildew and some staining. And it can shrink in the wash or fade in the sun.


Demim Cotton – This is the materials used for jeans. It is a popular option for casual wear.


  • Washable
  • Some people like the look of denim.
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Several colour options.
  • Quite durable.
  • Moderately priced


It can shrink slightly when washed, and fade slightly over time. It can also stain and become dirty under some conditions.


Velvet – A more prestige options.


  • Looks more prestige.
  • Breathable
  • Man colour options.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Pleasing soft texture.


Velvet is hard to wash; we cannot use hot water, and will absorb moisture. It can fade in sunlight and is prone to staining and dirt.


Tweed – Made from natural wool or cotton, or sometimes artificial rayon.


  • Wrinkle resistant.
  • Stain resistant, or stains tend to be less noticeable.
  • Moderately flame resistant.
  • Many colour options.
  • Very durable
  • Moderately Fade resistant.


Tweed is expensive, and difficult to wash. It is not waterproof and can only be washed in cold water.



Burlap – Made from natural plant material


  • Has a certain rustic look that some people like.
  • Quite durable
  • Highly breathable with minimal stretch
  • Medium priced.


It is flammable and not waterproof. It can stain and fade in the sun. Burlap can only be washed in cold water.


Felt – This is compressed woo, fur or synthetic material.

  • Inexpensive
  • Soft touch
  • Flame resistant.
  • Many colours.


It will shrink when wet, and is prone to staining.


Leather – All natural, made from animal hide.


  • Long lasting
  • Has a classy, prestige look
  • Durable and very long lasting.
  • Can look casual or formal.
  • Match almost any outfit.
  • They retain their value.


Leather can be more expensive, but this is offset by their fashion flexibility and the fact they last for decades. The surface can crack over time, but this does not compromise their appearance. A cracked handbag still looks quite good.


Bags Online Shopping


Handbags are part of our lifestyle. The right bag looks great, can be matched to our outfit, and will carry all those things we cannot live without.

Handbags online Australia.

Handbags and Leather Finish Today

Handbags Australia

Leather has retained its appeal for many generations. In fact, it is not only endured while other alternative materials become available, it has increased its range – there are more type of leather and more styles of leather finish than ever before.

Leather handbags are not the only option, but they are amongst the most prestige and long-lasting options. Decent leather handbags can be relied upon to last for many years, often only being retired when fashions change.

Crust Leather – This type of leather is coloured with aniline dyes. These dyes will soak into and through the leather, but not actually bond with the leather fibres. Instead the dye floats freely between the fibres. This means the leather surface will temporarily change colour when we apply pressure, and that the dye may wash out when the item is exposed to water. So we need to keep our handbags and purses dry.

This leather is coarse, but in an appealing way. It retains the natural leather pattern and smell. The colour looks fairly natural, and will patina well.

The disadvantage of this, other that water, is fading in strong sunlight. But even this looks fairly natural.

Semi-Aniline Leather – This is similar to crust leather, but with an addition surface coating. This coating provides protection against fading, so the leather surface tend to retain its appearance.

This leather is shiny and smooth. The leather grain pattern is fairly faint and even, almost a uniform surface. There will be only a mild leather smell. The surface is moderately water resistant.

Pigmented Leather – This has a protective plastic coating that resists water and most scratches. The grain pattern of the leather is often gone, or greatly reduce, with pigmented treatment, but this does give the surface a neat, uniform appearance.

Eel Skin Leather – Made from a marine animal rather than a cow, this is a very smooth shiny material, more often used for purses and wallets than handbags.

Shop bag Online Australia

Handbags complete the fashion outfits that we wear. Find the right handbag for your sense of style online.




Samsonite Backpack

Samsonite Backpack

The Samsonite Backpack


The backpack has been a popular choice for the last generation. Samsonite is a long established, well respected brand for cases, bags and luggage. Their backpacks feature unrivalled quality and style.


Samsonite are the best way to travel, whether it is jet setting, or just the daily tip to the office or college.


This is a company that deserves to be on the luxury list. Their backpacks, in fact all their luggage, is made from the best materials, has a list of genuinely useful features, yet still remain affordable.


A Samsonite Backpack may feature:


  • Various materials from vinyl to cloth to genuine leather.
  • Popular in black, but grey, red, blue & leather brown are also available.
  • Padded, adjustable backpack straps
  • Laptop compartment, suitable for up to 15.6” devices
  • Tablet compartment with screens up to 12.3”
  • Top carry handle or hang loop
  • Backpack mesh back can slip over airport luggage trolley handles when not in use
  • Front zippered pocket compartment and 2 slip pockets
  • Easy access bag opening in clamshell style
  • Easy top access pocket for smaller items
  • One beverage pocket for water bottle or thermos
  • Lightweight, without compromising strength.


Consider Samsonite an investment in all that you need to take with you. It will often be the only companion you need.


Samsonite Backpack


Samsonite is an affordable luxury brand. Their high quality backpacks are longing lasting with a wide selection of features. features.

Samsonite Backpack and Samsonite Briefcase

The Samsonite Briefcase and Samsonite Backpack

Consider Samsonite Backpack and Samsonite Briefcase

The Samsonite International company has been a respected luggage manufacturing firm for over a hundred years. Keeping abreast of trends and requirements it produces a wide range of items, including vacation luggage, briefcases, and backpack. These may incorporate such modern features as compartments for laptops and smart sleeves to stop scanning.

A Samsonite Backpack may feature:

  • Water repellent material
  • Padded, adjustable backpack straps
  • Laptop compartment, suitable for up to 15.6” devices
  • Tablet compartment with screens up to 12.3”
  • Top carry handle or hang loop
  • Backpack mesh back can slip over airport luggage trolley handles when not in use
  • Front zippered pocket compartment and 2 slip pockets
  • Easy access bag opening in clamshell style
  • Easy top access pocket for smaller items
  • One beverage pocket for water bottle or thermos

A Samsonite Briefcase may feature:

  • Ergonomic straps
  • Front/side pocket
  • Laptop compartment
  • Colours include black, navy, marine, and gray
  • Material is made from recycled sources.
  • Lightweight, sometimes under a kilo.
  • Will hold many laptops.
  • Smart sleeve to protect from scanning
  • Modern stylish design

Shop Samsonite Bags at RainbowBags

Samsonite combines style and features in all their designs. Find the right business briefcase or student backpack with us.

Handbag Online Australia

What To Remember When Buying a Handbag Online Australia

Looking at a Handbag Online Australia?

Handbags may have originally been designed for convenience, carrying all those items we can’t live without. But nearly anybody who buys a handbag is looking for style, to make a fashion statement, or to at least have something that matches their outfit. And there nothing wrong with this. Style is part of being alive. Yet we shouldn’t lose sight of the functionality either – we will be carrying a lot of possessions in the handbag we buy.

That said, choosing the right handbag can be a tough call. There is a huge variety online. And when we finally make the decision we want to feel we rally got our money’s worth.

Considering Buying a Handbag Online Australia

Change is inevitable. You have at least one handbag now, you will have more in the future, and older bags become less used. But the handbag you buy now will hopefully be used a lot, at least for a season or two.

Look at the Style – Style is very much about where we will use it. If you need a formal bag it will need to understated. A simple design that says a lot with a little.
Some bags come with a matching scarf. This can be accessorised in many ways, especially if you have neutral clothing.

A handbag will not stay in isolation. We will wear it as part of our outfit. So we will look for matching and complementary styles. This means handbags that go with other things in our wardrobe. Then again, some younger people like the idea of items that clash. But this is as style too, and we can buy a handbag online accordingly.

Metallic clasps to close the handbag are popular, and look more expensive. Pockets in front and back for small items prove useful.

Do we follow fashions or choose what suits our personal taste? We would go for personal taste, as long as this doesn’t mean using fashion that is obsolete. Really, it is best to look at what the various fashions are, because there is always several things on at once, and find the trends that appeal to us. If there is a range or possibilities, then there is usually a possibility that suits us. If a handbag is available online it is probably in fashion. Non-fashion items are soon discontinued.

Handbag Online Australia

There is a range of handbags to suit every taste. Browse online for that handbag you always wanted.


Handbag Online Australia Bag Shops Sydney

How to Distinguish A Real HandBag?

Bag Shops Sydney

The bags we buy in Australia are genuine, legitimate items. This means that they were designed and manufactured by the company that is on the bag’s label. Occasionally in this country, and more often in less wealthy countries, we might find fake bags. These are cheap copies of designer bags – counterfeits. They purport to be a brand label, but they are actually manufactured by anonymous companies and merely cheap facsimiles of the original. Often they are of lower quality. And they never pay royalties to the brand that they copy.

The laws regarding counterfeit handbags and similar fake items vary between countries, but it is usually illegal to sell these items. Sometimes we are allowed to bring one or two of these fake items into the country, as gifts or for personal use, when bought overseas. But selling them for profit is quite out of the question. In some countries, it is illegal to buy a counterfeit bag or bring it through airport customs, and fines are applied.

How do we tell a counterfeit handbag for a genuine item?

  • If it looks cheap it is a fake.
  • The logo might not quite look the same as the original.
  • Logos might be stamped on, rather than be an integrated part of the bag.
  • Peel-away labels or part of the bag are a giveaway.
  • Many designed bags have double stitching. Fakes often have single stitching.
  • Is the stitching fine? (10 stitches per inch). This is a good sign. Fakes have fewer stitches.
  • Do the zippers or metal parts tarnish quickly. Then it is probably fake.
  • Does the bag lose its shape quickly. This is a sign of cheap manufacture.
  • The inner lining should be neat and tight. If the lining looks poor then the bag is quite probably fake.

Some handbags are knockoffs rather than counterfeits. This means they are similar, even identical, in design to a brand label, but do not mislabel the item as genuine. They have their own brand name and do not put a false brand label on the item. These are quite legal, though the quality varies from poor to acceptable.

Counterfeit and knockoff bags are rarely worth the money we might pay for them. A genuine article bought from a reputable store is a far better purchase. One genuine article handbag is worth more than many fakes.

Handbag Online Australia

Buy the genuine article. We have brand label handbags in many styles and colours. Find the bags that suits you.



Rugged Hide Bags Bag Shops Sydney

Method for Caring for Leather Bags

Leather bags have a natural look and feel. This is a mark of authenticity and a factor that makes leather and other organic products superior to cheap imitation materials.

Leather will have irregularities, imperfections, creases, and colour differences. This is part of the aesthetic, reminding us that the product has been crafted from organic material. Over time these imperfections will increase, as the item suffers some wear and tear. This is part of the product’s appeal. At the same time, we want to keep our leather products in the best condition possible.

Handbags – Rugged Hide Bags

  • Use high-quality leather polishing and cleaning products. Spot-check the products to ensure that they do not harm the finish.
  • Use a microfibre cloth to wipe down the leather. Make sure this cloth is extremely clean, as even the tiniest amount of grit on the surface can cause scratching.
  • Avoid Vigorous rubbing. Do not use solvent or soap, only leather products.
  • Avoid exposing the leather to direct Sunlight – this will cause fading. Obviously, we must carry the bags with us for at least some of the day. But avoid leaving leather bags in a car seat where they are exposed to the Sun, and temptation from thieves.
  • Avoid heat and moisture. This can cause wrinkling of the leather. If the leather gets wet it will get stuck in that shape as it dries.
  • Oil and grease will stain leather, as the material is permeable. This is a big issue with handbags as we often carry makeup, sunscreen, and other body products. Keep the handbag away when using these items. If grease or oil does get on the leather, it needs to be cleaned immediately.
  • Be minimal with the bag. If we stretch the bag by putting too much inside we will ruin its shape.
  • Let the bag breathe. Do not wrap it in plastic. Store it in a clean, dry place. Moisture absorbers in and around the bag can help.
  • Never leave the bag on the ground. This will quickly get the leather dirt. Put the bag on a hook, on a chair, or in your lap.
  • Naked, unsealed leather is more prone to stains and damage than sealed leather. So the precautions are even more strict.
  • When a leather handbag is new the surface colour may rub off on surrounding items. This can be a nightmare if a new leather bag rubs against white clothing, and leaves a mark. So when a bag is new it should only be used with dark clothing. Polishing with a microfibre cloth will remove some ‘loose’ surface colour.

Rugged Hide Bags

Genuine leather feels and looks organic. Find the right leather handbag to suit your sense of style.