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A few bag shops Sydney wide, and some internet bags online shopping options, for backpacks.

Before making a purchase it is best to consider what to look for in a backpack.

Travel Vs Hiking

In a travel backpack, the opening is like a suitcase, hinging as the base so that the whole pack is open.

A hiking backpack just opens at the top.

A travel backpack may have internal compression straps to hold everything in place.

A travel pack will have very few buckles, straps, or open pockets as these can get caught as checked luggage on a plane.

A hiking pack often has external pouches for holding water bottles, tools, maps, wallets, and other items you might want easy access to.

General features

Internal pockets and compartments vary inside different backpacks. It is a matter of need and persona preference.

  • Separate compartment for laundry clothes.
  • Large flat section for holding documents, papers, and books flat.
  • Internal or external bottler holder.
  • USB connector to the outside of the pack. Keep the battery inside to charge with the device outside.
  • Headphone connector from inside to outside.
  • Zip pockets for coins or other items.
  • Pen, wallet, cardholders

Other features include

  • Waterproof material.
  • Padded straps
  • Mesh back to reduce sweating
  • Handle at the top for carrying as conventional luggage.
  • Detachable day pack
  • A strap for mounting on wheeled luggage.
  • Pouch for a camera
  • Security lock
  • External water bottle holder

Good quality zips and buckles are important. A backpack with a broken main zipper or strap is basically useless.

Comfort, when the bag is full, maybe the most important feature. You will have this bag on your back for several hours at a time. Don’t overlook comfort.

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A backpack will always see some use. Everybody should own one. Find a backpack that suits your needs and always have it there for the odd occasion when you need it.

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