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Both online and through retail outlets, there are more options than ever for handbags, backpacks, and luggage.


These are the great combination of fashion, style, individuality, and the practical aspect of organizing everything that you take with you.

Want the right look. The right match for your outfit. You prefer the handbag to drop from the shoulder in a certain way. And you need enough compartments to spate all your essential items.  


Both travel and luggage have come a long way since the days when we folded clothes into the big empty space inside a suitcase. Wheels, carry handles, multiple compartments, and strong, super light-weight materials make travel much easier.

Need over-night luggage, a week business packing, or enough for a long vacation?

Find the options that suits you.


We are used to apps on our phone that do so many things for us. But sometimes there is not digital equivalent, and we need the physical object. Travel accessories are a great way to power our devices, store out passports of get some shuteye on the plane.

Why choose Bag Retail Australia

The internet may give us countless shopping options, but there is nothing as good as physically trying each item, especially with clothing, handbags and accessories.

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