Samsonite Backpack and Samsonite Briefcase

The Samsonite Briefcase and Samsonite Backpack

Consider Samsonite Backpack and Samsonite Briefcase

The Samsonite International company has been a respected luggage manufacturing firm for over a hundred years. Keeping abreast of trends and requirements it produces a wide range of items, including vacation luggage, briefcases, and backpack. These may incorporate such modern features as compartments for laptops and smart sleeves to stop scanning.

A Samsonite Backpack may feature:

  • Water repellent material
  • Padded, adjustable backpack straps
  • Laptop compartment, suitable for up to 15.6” devices
  • Tablet compartment with screens up to 12.3”
  • Top carry handle or hang loop
  • Backpack mesh back can slip over airport luggage trolley handles when not in use
  • Front zippered pocket compartment and 2 slip pockets
  • Easy access bag opening in clamshell style
  • Easy top access pocket for smaller items
  • One beverage pocket for water bottle or thermos

A Samsonite Briefcase may feature:

  • Ergonomic straps
  • Front/side pocket
  • Laptop compartment
  • Colours include black, navy, marine, and gray
  • Material is made from recycled sources.
  • Lightweight, sometimes under a kilo.
  • Will hold many laptops.
  • Smart sleeve to protect from scanning
  • Modern stylish design

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Samsonite combines style and features in all their designs. Find the right business briefcase or student backpack with us.

Handbag Online Australia

What To Remember When Buying a Handbag Online Australia

Looking at a Handbag Online Australia?

Handbags may have originally been designed for convenience, carrying all those items we can’t live without. But nearly anybody who buys a handbag is looking for style, to make a fashion statement, or to at least have something that matches their outfit. And there nothing wrong with this. Style is part of being alive. Yet we shouldn’t lose sight of the functionality either – we will be carrying a lot of possessions in the handbag we buy.

That said, choosing the right handbag can be a tough call. There is a huge variety online. And when we finally make the decision we want to feel we rally got our money’s worth.

Considering Buying a Handbag Online Australia

Change is inevitable. You have at least one handbag now, you will have more in the future, and older bags become less used. But the handbag you buy now will hopefully be used a lot, at least for a season or two.

Look at the Style – Style is very much about where we will use it. If you need a formal bag it will need to understated. A simple design that says a lot with a little.
Some bags come with a matching scarf. This can be accessorised in many ways, especially if you have neutral clothing.

A handbag will not stay in isolation. We will wear it as part of our outfit. So we will look for matching and complementary styles. This means handbags that go with other things in our wardrobe. Then again, some younger people like the idea of items that clash. But this is as style too, and we can buy a handbag online accordingly.

Metallic clasps to close the handbag are popular, and look more expensive. Pockets in front and back for small items prove useful.

Do we follow fashions or choose what suits our personal taste? We would go for personal taste, as long as this doesn’t mean using fashion that is obsolete. Really, it is best to look at what the various fashions are, because there is always several things on at once, and find the trends that appeal to us. If there is a range or possibilities, then there is usually a possibility that suits us. If a handbag is available online it is probably in fashion. Non-fashion items are soon discontinued.

Handbag Online Australia

There is a range of handbags to suit every taste. Browse online for that handbag you always wanted.


Handbag Online Australia Bag Shops Sydney

How to Distinguish A Real HandBag?

Bag Shops Sydney

The bags we buy in Australia are genuine, legitimate items. This means that they were designed and manufactured by the company that is on the bag’s label. Occasionally in this country, and more often in less wealthy countries, we might find fake bags. These are cheap copies of designer bags – counterfeits. They purport to be a brand label, but they are actually manufactured by anonymous companies and merely cheap facsimiles of the original. Often they are of lower quality. And they never pay royalties to the brand that they copy.

The laws regarding counterfeit handbags and similar fake items vary between countries, but it is usually illegal to sell these items. Sometimes we are allowed to bring one or two of these fake items into the country, as gifts or for personal use, when bought overseas. But selling them for profit is quite out of the question. In some countries, it is illegal to buy a counterfeit bag or bring it through airport customs, and fines are applied.

How do we tell a counterfeit handbag for a genuine item?

  • If it looks cheap it is a fake.
  • The logo might not quite look the same as the original.
  • Logos might be stamped on, rather than be an integrated part of the bag.
  • Peel-away labels or part of the bag are a giveaway.
  • Many designed bags have double stitching. Fakes often have single stitching.
  • Is the stitching fine? (10 stitches per inch). This is a good sign. Fakes have fewer stitches.
  • Do the zippers or metal parts tarnish quickly. Then it is probably fake.
  • Does the bag lose its shape quickly. This is a sign of cheap manufacture.
  • The inner lining should be neat and tight. If the lining looks poor then the bag is quite probably fake.

Some handbags are knockoffs rather than counterfeits. This means they are similar, even identical, in design to a brand label, but do not mislabel the item as genuine. They have their own brand name and do not put a false brand label on the item. These are quite legal, though the quality varies from poor to acceptable.

Counterfeit and knockoff bags are rarely worth the money we might pay for them. A genuine article bought from a reputable store is a far better purchase. One genuine article handbag is worth more than many fakes.

Handbag Online Australia

Buy the genuine article. We have brand label handbags in many styles and colours. Find the bags that suits you.



Rugged Hide Bags Bag Shops Sydney

Method for Caring for Leather Bags

Leather bags have a natural look and feel. This is a mark of authenticity and a factor that makes leather and other organic products superior to cheap imitation materials.

Leather will have irregularities, imperfections, creases, and colour differences. This is part of the aesthetic, reminding us that the product has been crafted from organic material. Over time these imperfections will increase, as the item suffers some wear and tear. This is part of the product’s appeal. At the same time, we want to keep our leather products in the best condition possible.

Handbags – Rugged Hide Bags

  • Use high-quality leather polishing and cleaning products. Spot-check the products to ensure that they do not harm the finish.
  • Use a microfibre cloth to wipe down the leather. Make sure this cloth is extremely clean, as even the tiniest amount of grit on the surface can cause scratching.
  • Avoid Vigorous rubbing. Do not use solvent or soap, only leather products.
  • Avoid exposing the leather to direct Sunlight – this will cause fading. Obviously, we must carry the bags with us for at least some of the day. But avoid leaving leather bags in a car seat where they are exposed to the Sun, and temptation from thieves.
  • Avoid heat and moisture. This can cause wrinkling of the leather. If the leather gets wet it will get stuck in that shape as it dries.
  • Oil and grease will stain leather, as the material is permeable. This is a big issue with handbags as we often carry makeup, sunscreen, and other body products. Keep the handbag away when using these items. If grease or oil does get on the leather, it needs to be cleaned immediately.
  • Be minimal with the bag. If we stretch the bag by putting too much inside we will ruin its shape.
  • Let the bag breathe. Do not wrap it in plastic. Store it in a clean, dry place. Moisture absorbers in and around the bag can help.
  • Never leave the bag on the ground. This will quickly get the leather dirt. Put the bag on a hook, on a chair, or in your lap.
  • Naked, unsealed leather is more prone to stains and damage than sealed leather. So the precautions are even more strict.
  • When a leather handbag is new the surface colour may rub off on surrounding items. This can be a nightmare if a new leather bag rubs against white clothing, and leaves a mark. So when a bag is new it should only be used with dark clothing. Polishing with a microfibre cloth will remove some ‘loose’ surface colour.

Rugged Hide Bags

Genuine leather feels and looks organic. Find the right leather handbag to suit your sense of style.

Travel Bags Online Shopping Luggage and Bag Shops Sydney Luggage and Handbags Online Sale Luggage and Handbag Online Australia

Luggage and Bags After Lockdown

Travel Bags Online Shopping

While we presently still have severe restrictions on travel this situation will eventually change. The government 5 stage plan aims to have 80% of the population vaccinated by January 2022, perhaps sooner. By this stage travel, restrictions should relax. But of course, we will still be taking precautions against illness.

Hygiene – Luggage and Bag Shops Sydney

Almost everybody now practices personal hygiene – masks and sanitiser and social distancing. It helps if we have ready access to these hygiene items, masks, disposable gloves, sanitiser, antibacterial wipes …etc. Bags with a compartment for Covid-19 hygiene products make for a more convenient situation. The equipment is always in easy reach if we have the bag.

Airports, planes, and any travel terminal are fairly high-risk environments. It is all too easy for germs to spread. A dedicated pocket on luggage for hygiene equipment helps us stay safe.

Luggage and Handbags Online Sale

Hardcase luggage is more popular these days. These more rugged cases have been shown to last longer, partly because of their durability, partly because they stack quite easily, partly because baggage handlers find them easier to use.

Hardcases are also preferable during the pandemic because their surface can be cleaned with antibacterial wipes. Soft material cases tend to absorb liquids, so they are harder to disinfect.

Handbags that are made of leather or similar material can be wiped down with antibacterial products. Some other handbags, like cloth material, will absorb liquids and are harder to disinfect.

Luggage and Handbag Online Australia

Find stylish and durable handbags and travel luggage that suits your needs and personal taste


Bags online Shopping

Airport Luggage that Lasts

Popular Bags Australia

It is truly a dreadful start for a vacation to arrive and find that your luggage has been damaged. It’s also pretty bad to see luggage deteriorate over the course of several trips. But we feel frustrated and powerless to stop it because the damage occurred after it was checked in at the airport.

But we can greatly reduce the chance of damaged luggage by choosing the type of luggage that is less likely to be mishandled. And simply be choosing luggage that is more robust.

It seems that bags with wheels do better with airport baggage handlers. The wheels simply make it easier for the airport staff who have to constantly move the heavy bags. Wheeled luggage can be pushed rather than carried; it is also less likely to be thrown on a stack. This means less wear and tear.

Obviously, a strongly built, robust case is going to last much better than a flimsy case, especially if it is heavily loaded.

If you get a 4 wheeled hard case that can be easily stacked with other cases then you do far better by the baggage handlers than a soft heavy case that ends up being thrown around.

Bags Online Shopping

If you travel on a regular basis, or even just once per year, then it’s worth investing in some good quality cases that will last the distance. Look for luggage that has a wheel, that is robust, reasonably light, and easy to stack. Something that is easy to identify makes it easier when collecting your luggage.

Some Christmas Ideas

Some Christmas Ideas

There are always a few people we struggle to buy present for. Practical gifts are always a possibility. Fashion items are good too, if they suit the person we are giving to.

Wash Bags
Just the neat little bag for holding toothbrushes and shavers. We have many styles, including vegan friendly types.

Immersion Heater
This can be used to heat a cup of water to make tea and coffee, or just to purify the water.

Travel Pillows
Most travelers will spend some time sleeping on a plane or coach. The neck pillow makes some shuteye much easier. There are kids pillows with cartoon characters.

Travel Wallet
The improved version of the regular wallet, with extra compartments for cards, tickets and hopefully all the small items we need to keep on us while travelling.

Squeezy bottles
We can only take a small amount of liquid on a plane. To comply with these airline rules we can use a few small plastic bottles to hold shampoo and other items.

Digital scale
Make the airline weight limit easy to know. No guessing, just weigh the bag before you leave the house.

Money Belt
Keep the passport and other travel documents safe.

Carry Closet
Great for carrying a formal or business suit, and it also works for some elegant dresses.

Power Adapters
So many different countries have different power plugs and voltage settings. A good power adapter will adjust the voltage and not just the plug. This is great for charging USB devices.

RFID wallets and holders

The RFID technology prevents credit cards from being scanned, so it protects your personal information.

Few people complain of too many handbags. But buy to suit the taste of the recipient.

Some Trends for Bags in 2020

Some Trends for 2020

Attempts to predict the long term future of fashion often seem comical in hindsight. But fashion conscious people always find the present trends to be interesting. Here’s a few trends that we see as 2019 morphs into 2020.

The Sling Out

We always said that the strap was the underappreciated part of any handbag. For one thing it needed to be just the right length to sit right on the shoulder. But this has changed form with the sling strap.

The bag with the sling goes diagonally across the shoulders, holding the bag at the hip. This new design element is in many bags of many styles, from neat conservative leather to colourful and bizarre bag designs.

Big Buckles

The big ‘in your face’ buckle has become popular, as has the moderate buckle than neatly fits in with the bag design. This is very different to the older subtle clips that previously held the bag closed.

Some big buckles are fashion ornaments only, they perform no practical function.

Mini Bag

Tiny bags have been around for a few years; almost a purse on a strap. This year they are getting even smaller. Not always practical, but damn cute.

Oversized Tote

In contrast to the mini bag is the big tote bag. This has plenty of storage space, but not the separate compartments of may other bags.

Totes are available in anything from sleek leather to open weave designs. Simple, yet effective if combined with the right outfit.

Draw String Bags

A bucket bag – loose with a drawstring top. This is another design element that can be used for anything from crochet to suede leather.

Popular Bags Australia

Trends come and go, but there are always a few fashion bags that suit your sense of style. Check our online range.



kids luggage bags

Kids Luggage Bags

Kids Luggage Bags

Amazing new and hot item for kids! This kids’ ride-on suitcase collection guarantees that everyone’s travel experience is something that’s made in heaven! A happy kid is a happy life as they say. So, with these bags which they can ride on and play with, it will make them super happy. Again, your kids being happy as they join your travel time makes your holiday travel without hassle and just a plain relaxing time. This is an extremely great time to have especially that we got only a few of these times in several years.

Kids luggage bags is now a popular topic for parents who are planning to travel. Kids’ luggage is an important item to consider when travelling, especially for those parents who are not willing to leave their kids at home. They don’t want to rely on other people to take care of their kids.

This is a special bag because it was designed in such a way that they can ride them and be pulled by their parents or they can ride them by themselves. A younger sibling can push it for them and then they can take turns riding.

Now, why is this important? Because kids get bored easily. If they get bored, then you will not be able to relax. They might throw tantrums and might be hard to deal with making your holiday a disaster. With the kids’ luggage you can just relax.




Leash that’s designed to be pulled by anyone. It can also be used as a shoulder strap.
Durable Wheels
Webbing handles (this makes it easy to be grabbed)
point fixed lock (belongings are secured)
Suitable for ages 3-8
Shoulder strap


Capacity: 25 L
Weight: 1.9 kg
Dimensions: 37 x 50 x 21 cm

Eelskin Wallets

Eelskin Wallets

Let me tell you about my new discovery: eelskin wallets.

The eelskin’s markings that were carved by nature for many years have been preserved to feature the jungle-wild beauty of the leather. The look mixes nature and contemporary art to come up with a product you would love to wear all the time.

Each furrow or ridge is part of nature’s signature; a stamp of the individual appeal of each eel skin that’s been captured in a fashion product. You can only find it on genuine eelskin leather.

Is eelskin wallet strong as other leathers?

Eelskin is 150% stronger than other leathers and turns softer and suppler with wear. You can never find a substitute for eel skin leather. Soft and classy. Supple and timeless. What more can you ask from a product you can carry anywhere you go. Make it eel skin leather for the you you want to flaunt.

Moreover, the skin improves very well with age. Wearing exceptionally well while retaining its unique look and quality.

This is the leather you always want to show off to your friends and associates: eelskin wallet

Eel skin has natural marks that are preserved in the manufacturing process, to showcase the wild and rugged beauty of the leather. The look is a blend of nature, and technology, all for the goal of supplying you with a wallet that will enhance your wardrobe as well as your total look.

Each furrow or ridge is part of nature’s signature. A stamp of individuality written on genuine eelskin.

Eelskin becomes softer and more supple with time. The more you use the wallet, the more it becomes beautiful.
To put it another way, the skin will improve with age. Wearing exceptionally well while retaining its classy and unique appearance and quality.

Eelskin wallet is the fashion item you would love to carry on special occasions and even on daily grind. Find eelskin wallets at Rainbow Bags.