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If we carry a handbag around all day we need to choose something that is suitable for this purpose. Our regular handbag may spend most of its time sitting in the car or on the office desk. But if we are traveling on holiday we may have the handbag on our person for 12 hours a day. We want to make sure that any bag we always carry with us is as comfortable as possible, as well as practical.

A cross-body bag is a good option for travel. This means a handbag with a strap loop over one shoulder while being carried on the opposite side of the body. This same principle has been used for many years with photography equipment bags and sling bags. It has a few advantages.

Advantages of Crossbody bag

  • It is hands-free. You can access the bag’s content without taking it off.
  • It is less of a target for ‘purse snatchers’; it doesn’t come off the shoulder too easily.
  • It is less likely to get caught on anything, like a regular handbag, and is less bulky that a backpack.

There is a great selection of Hedgren crossbody bags. So there is no reason not to find one in the style and with the features you want.

What to look for:

  • A long strap that will comfortably cross your body.
  • Not too large. A bulky bag will get in the way.
  • Compartments are suitable for travel. This means passports and a camera/device. The passport compartment should be sealable, for security. Other compartments should be easy to access.
  • Padded shoulder section, for comfort.
  • A lock is a good option.
  • RFID blocking section, so nobody can read your credit card details.
  • Slash-resistant material.
  • A material that won’t stick to your skin, especially important if you are spending a summer holiday near the beach.

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