Genuine Bags from Fake

Genuine Bags from Fake


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There are many expensive designer bags available. There are also many fake versions of these designer bags. Distinguishing the authentic from the imitation can be a little difficult. Some people don’t care if they buy an imitation, as long as they don’t overpay. But an imitation product is ethically questionable – it doesn’t credit the original designers.

What to look for:

  • Imitation bags tend to have sloppy stitching.
  • Leather should be soft on almost any genuine bag
  • Seams should meet very precisely.
  • There should not be any letters or logos cut off at any point, even by the seams.
  • There should be no obvious signs of glue anywhere on the bag
  • Metal on zippers or any part of the bag should not rust. Look where the metal meets the material.
  • Misspelt names on a bag is a dead giveaway. This is common when coming from a foreign country.
  • All zippers and fastening should work smoothly.
  • Fastenings and zippers will often have the official designer brand name.
  • Check the company catalogue to find the exact model of bag, and check all the tiny details (e.g.: metal feet on the base).
  • Authenticity cards with an individual number are a good sign.

Individual Brands

  • Gucci bags have a serial hand stamped on the back of the label
  • Gucci bags should have a slight sheen when tilted in the light.
  • Prada has a signature ‘R’. The authentic PRADA has an ‘R’ with a slight curve on the bottom front leg. There is also a space between the ‘R’ and the ‘A’
  • Prada label has a clear inverted triangle logo on the outside of the bag, and a rectangle logo on the inside. The internal logo is the same shade (maybe slightly darker) as the bag’s exterior.
  • Versace bags have a 12 digit CLG code that can be checked on the Certilogo website.
  • Versace bags have two authenticity stickers – one for Italy, one for the county of sale.

Bags online Shopping

We wouldn’t recommend buying an expensive designer bag online unless the seller was reputable. There is no real way to check the authenticity of the bag without physically inspecting it.

But if you want a stylish, good quality bag then online shopping offers any options. Unlike clothing or shoes there is no real need to find the right size.

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We can afford to have several good quality bags, each for a different situation, maybe for a different outfit. Practicality is one important consideration, but style and personal preference are good too.




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