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How to Distinguish A Real HandBag?

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The bags we buy in Australia are genuine, legitimate items. This means that they were designed and manufactured by the company that is on the bag’s label. Occasionally in this country, and more often in less wealthy countries, we might find fake bags. These are cheap copies of designer bags – counterfeits. They purport to be a brand label, but they are actually manufactured by anonymous companies and merely cheap facsimiles of the original. Often they are of lower quality. And they never pay royalties to the brand that they copy.

The laws regarding counterfeit handbags and similar fake items vary between countries, but it is usually illegal to sell these items. Sometimes we are allowed to bring one or two of these fake items into the country, as gifts or for personal use, when bought overseas. But selling them for profit is quite out of the question. In some countries, it is illegal to buy a counterfeit bag or bring it through airport customs, and fines are applied.

How do we tell a counterfeit handbag for a genuine item?

  • If it looks cheap it is a fake.
  • The logo might not quite look the same as the original.
  • Logos might be stamped on, rather than be an integrated part of the bag.
  • Peel-away labels or part of the bag are a giveaway.
  • Many designed bags have double stitching. Fakes often have single stitching.
  • Is the stitching fine? (10 stitches per inch). This is a good sign. Fakes have fewer stitches.
  • Do the zippers or metal parts tarnish quickly. Then it is probably fake.
  • Does the bag lose its shape quickly. This is a sign of cheap manufacture.
  • The inner lining should be neat and tight. If the lining looks poor then the bag is quite probably fake.

Some handbags are knockoffs rather than counterfeits. This means they are similar, even identical, in design to a brand label, but do not mislabel the item as genuine. They have their own brand name and do not put a false brand label on the item. These are quite legal, though the quality varies from poor to acceptable.

Counterfeit and knockoff bags are rarely worth the money we might pay for them. A genuine article bought from a reputable store is a far better purchase. One genuine article handbag is worth more than many fakes.

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