Keeping Leather Bags and Purses looking New

Keeping Leather Bags and Purses looking New.

If we take any pride in our possessions, especially fashion ones, then we would prefer to keep them looking new. There are exceptions; sometimes a backpack has character when it is worn, and a rustic leather bag has appeal when it looks earthy and worn. But for the most part we like to keep bags and purses looking as new and clean as possible.

Cleaning and preserving a Leather Bag
• Wipe the surface of a leather bag with a damp cloth. Then blot away the moisture with a dry towel and leave to air dry.
• Store bags away from sunlight, in a cool dry place.
• If the bag came with a dust free cover then use this for storage.
• If the leather bag does get wet then stuff it full of newspapers and leave it to air dry. This prevents shrinkage, and helps soak us some moisture.
• Never apply heat to leather – this causes shrinkage and cracking.
• Leather conditioner is good for the outward appearance of the bag, and help protect the surface.

Damaged Leather Bags and Purses
Scratches on leather are a pain. But light scratches can be repaired or at least concealed.
• Try cleaning the damaged area with some white vinegar or rubbing alcohol, and let it dry for 10 minutes.
• Use leather conditioner or oil. Apply it to the scratch with a Q-tip, and then buff the area with a soft cloth.
• If you can find a shoe polish in the same colour as the leather you can use this to recolour the scratch. Buff this when dry, and then apply leather conditioner.
• A deep scratch will reveal the untreated leather underneath. Combining shoe polish with methylated spirits will help recolour this deeper scratch.

Patent leather may discolour other surfaces if it rubs against them. The colour of the bags may rub off onto other surfaces. Store the bag in a protective case, a pillowcase will suffice, to help prevent this problem.

Leather Bags and Purses
Quality products are less expensive these days. We can afford to have different bags for different occasions. This allows us to save our best fashion accessories for the more formal occasions, so they suffer much less wear and tear.

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Leather Bags and Purses

Leather Bags and Purses

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