kids luggage bags

Kids Luggage Bags

Kids Luggage Bags

Amazing new and hot item for kids! This kids’ ride-on suitcase collection guarantees that everyone’s travel experience is something that’s made in heaven! A happy kid is a happy life as they say. So, with these bags which they can ride on and play with, it will make them super happy. Again, your kids being happy as they join your travel time makes your holiday travel without hassle and just a plain relaxing time. This is an extremely great time to have especially that we got only a few of these times in several years.

Kids luggage bags is now a popular topic for parents who are planning to travel. Kids’ luggage is an important item to consider when travelling, especially for those parents who are not willing to leave their kids at home. They don’t want to rely on other people to take care of their kids.

This is a special bag because it was designed in such a way that they can ride them and be pulled by their parents or they can ride them by themselves. A younger sibling can push it for them and then they can take turns riding.

Now, why is this important? Because kids get bored easily. If they get bored, then you will not be able to relax. They might throw tantrums and might be hard to deal with making your holiday a disaster. With the kids’ luggage you can just relax.




Leash that’s designed to be pulled by anyone. It can also be used as a shoulder strap.
Durable Wheels
Webbing handles (this makes it easy to be grabbed)
point fixed lock (belongings are secured)
Suitable for ages 3-8
Shoulder strap


Capacity: 25 L
Weight: 1.9 kg
Dimensions: 37 x 50 x 21 cm

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