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Luggage Shop Sydney

Luggage Shop Sydney

Those of us who travel frequently as part of our job, who even travel frequently as tourist, know the importance of having one good suitcase. Even those of us who only travel once per year should know that a good suitcase is a worthwhile investment. It’s now like we can travel without any luggage. And cheap suitcases will cause problems.

Disadvantages of Cheap luggage:

  • Cheap luggage does not last long. And it only takes one fault, like a broken zipper or a faulty wheel, to render the luggage useless.
  • If the luggage is heavy it will break airline restrictions. This means paying fines each time you travel.
  • A poorly designed bag makes it hard to access your belongings. Separate compartments make all the difference. This is important when you are living out of your suitcase.
  • Luggage needs to offer some protection to your belongs. Cheap luggage tends to offer less protection.
  • Good quality luggage needs to lockable for security reasons. This prevents some forms of theft.
  • Cheap luggage often looks generic, and a lot of people by it. So you bag will look like so many other bags, and be hard to distinguish on collection.
  • Cheap luggage tends to look poor, and it only gets worse with age and wear.


Idea Choices at the Luggage Shop Sydney

So what should we look for in travel luggage?

  • Easy to transport. Packpacks are good for this, as are luggage with wheels.
  • Extendable handles on wheeled luggage make for easy use.
  • Lightweight, because aircraft have luggage weight restrictions.
  • Robust, because we want it to last, and travel entails some tough treatment.
  • Good zips that are easy to use, lockable, and do not break. A broken zip is a useless bag.
  • Separate compartments, some accessible from the outside. When you live out of a suitcase for any period you realize that organizing compartment are important.
  • Lockable, for security. But this must be a lock that airport security can open.
  • Soft cases, like backpack, can be stowed in overhead lockers and pushing into smaller spaces.
  • Hard cases offer reasonably good protection.
  • Extendable handles on wheeled luggage make for easy use.
  • Water resistant bags prevent a lot of problems from rainy conditions.

Rainbow Bags offers a huge range of luggage, as well as fashion handbags, backpacks, computer cases and other travel accessories. We believe quality matters, and that each person should find the items that feel and look right to them. Browse our range online.

Luggage Shop Sydney

Affordable and long lasting, it is worthwhile to invest in some quality luggage that will last a lifetime of trips.

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