Not to Pack for a Flight

Most of us don’t catch a plane on a regular basis, but we might take one or two trips per year. And this is when we use our travel luggage. Of course, this is quite different from our regular handbags, or even our overnight bags. Travel luggage has some weight and content restrictions to adhere to, as well as a certain level of durability to live up to. We usually travel by checked luggage (in the plane’s hold) and carry-on, which we keep with us). There are some specific rules for carry-on luggage.

Some restrictions when packing carry-on:

  • Liquids are restricted. Any liquid must fit in a 100ml container, and these containers must be put in a sealable plastic zip-top bag no bigger the 20cm by 20cm. that will be a total of about 1 litre.
  • The bag of liquids should be kept near the top of your bag for easy access when checked to be secure.
  • Luggage is often limited to 7kg. Bu a little scale to check.
  • Nothing that might be used as a weapon can be taken on board.
  • Nothing sharp can be taken through.

Do pack

  • Earplugs or noise canceling headphones – for some quiet. But not for ascending or descending.
  • Chewing gum or confectionery, for pressurising ears when ascending or descending.
  • Hand sanitizer, because planes aren’t always clean.
  • Wi-Fi device, because you may need it for in-light entertainment.
  • Eye mask and travel pillow
  • Passport and related travel documents
  • An empty bottle. You can fill this with water AFTER security.

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Not to Pack for a Flight

Not to Pack for a Flight

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