Eel skin Purse – Deborah


The eelskin’s natural markings have been preserved to enhance the wild beauty of the leather. Each furrow or ridge is part of nature’s signature a stamp of individuality found on genuine eelskin.



The eel is a mysterious fish that has no visible organs except a mouth and several symmetrical arranged secretion holes on both sides. Eel skin is not only softer than other animal hides and leathers, but is considered to be as elegant as Ostrich and Alligator, Eel skin is 150% stronger and more flexible than any other leather, withstanding the high pressures found at the bottom of the sea. Eel skin becomes softer, shinier, and suppler with use, and is surprisingly attractive in appearance. Many believe that Eel skin may prevent disaster, and according to Greek mythology bring good luck & health. Treat your new eel skin accessory with a clear leather protection spray to help the leather resist rain and dirt.

Model name: Deborah

Size: 19cm x 13cm

Eelskin Double Clip Purse

Eelskin Double Clip purse features two compartments

Eelskin is 150% stornger than other leathers and becomes softer and more supple with use.

The skin will improve with age. wearing exceptionally well while retaining its unique look of quality

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hot pink, black, red, orange, purple, blue, mint, tan, coral


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