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Introducing the Face Cradle memory foam travel pillow. This patent protected travel pillow is a must for the long distance traveler with an incredible 5 x modes of functionality to help take you from economy class all the way to sleep class. Each Face Cradle comes on a hang sell information/ instruction card for easy store display.  LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY

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•5 comfort modes
•Adjustable in all modes
•Zip-off machine washable pillow cover
Product Code: Face Cradle
Material: Cover: Brushed Velour
Pillow: Hypoallergenic Memory Foam & reinforced with an internal glass filled nylon frame
Colour available in black, grey, sky blue.
Will the harness strap interfere with the TV in the seat behind?
•The strap is normally hooked onto the wings of a headrest. So in this case, no. Most long haul flights have these wings on the headrests. For those rare ones that don’t, it’s best to chat to the person behind you before you sit down, the straps for the FaceCradle can go on either side of the TV.

What happens in the case of an emergency?
•With the squeeze of two buttons the pillows collapse immediately and if in Deep Sleep Mode, you can quickly lift the strap over your head.

Does the strap attach around my neck?
•No! The strap when used (in Deep Sleep Modes only) is clicked into a connector, similar to a bicycle helmet. The connector is fixed to a metal hinge and to an internal support frame inside the pillow. Your neck is left totally free and your face/head and chest rest against the memory foam pillow.

Am I able to use my FaceCradle in the back seat of a car?
•Yes but if you want to use Deep Sleep Modes you must have a car with a rear headrest to attach the strap. It is not recommended to use Deep Sleep Mode in a car with no rear seatbelts or airbags.

What are the covers made of and can I wash them?
•They are made of brushed velour. It is an ultra soft polyester material commonly used on high quality neck pillows. Yes, each pillow has a zip to remove and machine wash.

What is the material inside the pillows?
•The pillows are made with hypoallergenic memory foam and reinforced with an internal glass filled nylon frame.

Is the FaceCradle suitable for children?
•Yes, normally there is no problem however if you want to use Deep Sleep mode (front, face down) check that your child’s head is not too small which may find their face/head slipping through the middle of the U shape.

Colours Black, Grey, Violet
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