Hedgren – Inner City Eye Small Shoulder Bag


•Can be worn crossover
•Adjustable shoulder straps, length up 70cm
•Cell phone pocket
•RFID Pocket
•1 zip pocket
•2 hidden zip pockets
•1 internal zip pocket
•2 open pockets
•40% Nylon 60% polyester
•Metal logo

Sun Dried Tomato
Fine Lines
Winter Craft Print
Active Ebony
Powder Pink
Moss Print
Dress Blue


Product Code: IC176

Size (cm): 22W x 19H x 9D

Weigh(g): 210

Volume(litres): 3.76

Warranty (years): 2

Cleaning instructions:

The way of cleaning depends on the fabric and the kind of stain. For dust or non aggressive stains you can use a soft brush (i.e. nailbrush). Please make sure the brush is soft and don’t push too hard so the material threads are not damaged.

If this is not working try to use clean cold water and a clean towel. Make the towel a little wet and try to take out the stains. Let the bag dry natural.

If the stain persists on an Inner City bag you can try hand washing your bag with mild Ph-free soap in cold water.

Do not tumble dry your bag afterwards but let it dry in a natural way in direct sunlight.

Please be aware the material has a water-repellent coating on top. By using the wrong soap this coating can get damaged. Also by washing your bag too hot the backing of the material will get damaged.

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Sun Dried Tomato, Fine Lines, Winter Craft Print, Active Ebony, Active Blue, Powder Pink, Moss Print, Dress Blue, Black