Mona B Small 15 L Backpack Parker Backpack Up-Cycled Canvas (Multicolor)


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Organize and protect your valuable Stash and simplify your on-the-go life with this sturdy and elegant backpack row.
If you go to the gym or off for the weekend, this Smart, Rugged row of canvas Duffel Bag will be your new go-to bag.
Wear your Tech Gear in style. These Tech bags are ideal for days in the go when all you need is your tablet.
“Drainage is not the concept behind these Mona B. Why make new materials when there are interesting and perfectly usable fabrics that can be recycled” or “row”? Mona B lens is for reducing and reusing some of the waste – or what some people might consider from the world. A garbage person is another treasure of the person. This collection is all about it being the friendly land of fashion. We Love that these bags also look so elegant. Truck fabrics used in these bags include canvas canvas and wool leftovers. Mona B has these fabrics and uses them to create unique recycled treasures. Added details like leather handles, and printed graphics provide a feel, a style.
Please Note: Each of these bags is truly an original. The fabric used is 100% recycled to use, tarpaulins and tents. These Tarpaulins have literally traveled the world and carried the scars and bruises of use. Therefore, each sports bag its own brands of wear and tear. Wait to see possible variations, including point marks and minor spots on the canvas. These are the characteristics of a row of item. However, please let us know if you will receive a bag or purse that seems to exceed these expectations. We want you to love your Mona B Bag.

  • Made of recycled fabric tarpaulins and tents. Create, care, preserve.
  • Measures 12″ W x 13″ H x 4″ d
  • 32″ adjustable strap
  • Genuine leather accents
  • Each bag is truly original as they are made from materials that have traveled the recycled world.

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