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We choose a purse for the sake of fashion and functionality; the right purse says something about us, something about the social occasion, and it should hold all the possesions that we need for that occasion.

To choose a purse:

Select the occasion

We have different shoes and different outfits that suit different occasions. We often have a purse to suit the occasion too.

Elegant evening wear, sensible business purses, lite floral patterns for casual wear. Making sure that the purse suits the clothing is part of the issue.

Set a Budget 

Not too much of an issue these days, for there are great purses available for all budgets and needs, especially online.


Classic neutral colours, like navy, dark grey, black or white are great for 9 to 5 office work.

Formal handbags can be more formal.


The half serious law was that we fill the space that we have. But if we don’t at least have the potential to do that then the bag is too small.

Remember that in this digital age we tend to have a phone at the very least, if not more digital equipment.


A long time ago it was just coin and paper money. Then we all had to carry credit cards, and other cards. Cosmetics when without saying. Now we want separate compartments for the phone and iPad.


Leather was the classic choice. But fabrics, faux leather, natural fibres and many other options all have their supporters.

Purses and Bags Online Shopping

Online shopping provides enough information to make an informed choice about the right bag.

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