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Good reliable luggage and some useful accessories make travel all the better.

Travel Pillow

These can make all the difference when sleeping on a plane, train or bus. Sleep is difficult if we have to keep our head upright. A travel pillow can hold our head in a comfortable position, so we can feel more relaxed.

The traditional design for a travel pillow supported either side of the head by padding on the shoulders. An alternative to this is a faceCradle travel pillow that is secured to the seat headrest that prevents our head from sloping forwards.
The right pillow is a matter of personal preference, but do consider all the options.

Luggage Scale

The type of thing we find we use at the start of every trip, and at the ends if we bought too many souvenirs. Just to make sure the baggage does not exceed the weight limits.


The most basic of items. Have several, one for each bag, one in the car, one in the office…etc.


Support for the lower back. Many older individuals find this very helpful when sitting for extended periods.

Passport holder

This may seem trivia, but travellers have been refused entry to counties because of a damaged passport, and sometimes the damage seemed only slight.
Best to keep the passport safe.

Money belt

These are not quite as essential as they were in the days of traveller’s checks. Today we use credit, debit and travel cards for most transactions. But we do need to keep these cards safe too.

A money belt is a good defence against pickpockets.

Bags Online Shopping

Most accessories lend themselves to online shopping. There is not much issue with ordering the right sizes with these items, something that is an issue with clothing. Instead we can simply order according to usefulness and convenience.

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