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Many airlines have introduced a ban on some types of smart luggage. Smart luggage with built in lithium-ion batteries are considered a legitimate fire risk, and cannot be taken on many airlines. Ideally, Smart luggage with a different type of battery, or with a removable battery, should still be permitted. Unfortunately, passengers and light staff may not understand the different battery technologies, so occasionally the wrong type of smart luggage is banned.

Any luggage with a removable battery should be acceptable on any flight. Most Airlines allow the battery to be taken with the cabin luggage. The problem is this defeats many of the reasons for buying smart luggage in the first place. Without the battery the GPS in the smart luggage is invariably turned off, as are all other capabilities. So the luggage cannot be tracked.

Airlines that do allow lithium-ion batteries to be taken with cabin luggage may need to be advised in advance. Unfortunately, here may be paperwork to fill out or a specific procedure to follow.

Some features found on different smart luggage models:

  • USB ports for charging phones.
  • Solar panels for charging the internal battery.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Built in scale
  • Radio frequency ID blocking pocket, so nobody can read your credit card details.
  • Notification, via an app, when the case is opened.
  • Removable battery (this is important)
  • There is one type of bag that works as a motorized ride on vehicle.

An alternative to using the GPS feature of smart luggage is to simply use a GPS tracker. This should be fine provided that it does not have a lithium battery. An advantage is that the same GPS tracker can be used in other circumstances or with other luggage.

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Choose your luggage for its features, convenience and style. Most of the features provided by smart luggage can also be provided by portable power banks and a GPS device. This avoids any airline restrictions.

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