Christmas Gift Ideas

There are always a few people we struggle to buy presents for. Practical gifts are always a possibility. Fashion items are good too if they suit the person we are giving to.

  • Wash Bags – Just the neat little bag for holding toothbrushes and shavers. We have many styles, including vegan-friendly types.
  • Immersion Heater – This can be used to heat a cup of water to make tea and coffee, or just to purify the water.
  • Travel Pillows – Most travelers will spend some time sleeping on a plane or coach. The neck pillow makes some shuteye much easier. There are kids’ pillows with cartoon characters.
  • Travel Wallet – The improved version of the regular wallet, with extra compartments for cards, tickets, and hopefully all the small items we need to keep on us while traveling.
  • Squeezy bottles – We can only take a small amount of liquid on a plane. To comply with these airline rules we can use a few small plastic bottles to hold shampoo and other items.
  • Digital scale – Make the airline weight limit easy to know. No guessing, just weigh the bag before you leave the house.
  • Money Belt – Keep the passport and other travel documents safe.
  • Carry Closet – Great for carrying a formal or business suit, and it also works for some elegant dresses.
  • Power Adapters – So many different countries have different power plugs and voltage settings. A good power adapter will adjust the voltage and not just the plug. This is great for charging USB devices.
  • RFID wallets and holders – The RFID technology prevents credit cards from being scanned, so it protects your personal information.

Few people complain about too many handbags. But buy to suit the taste of the recipient.

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