The Business Handbag

The Business Handbag

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We often have a few handbags that are suitable for different occasions. One handbag that is probably used more than any other is the one we take to the office. If we work 9 to 5 then we need a bag that is durable enough to be used almost every day, and that is functional for our office work.

  • Test for durability. Will the surface of the bag scratch easily? We don’t want the bag to look worn before its time. Pebbled grain or patent leather are good options here.
  • Versatility of Style. This bag will have to match every outfit you wear to the office.
  • Functionality – does it have pockets on the front?

How many compartments does it have inside? It is possible to have too few pockets, which is an inconvenience. Too many compartments is a rare complaint.

  • Will you need to store a magazine or book when traveling to and from work? Is there a space for this?
  • Will you need to hold a tablet or large device in the bag?
  • Some people like a charging option for their phone. This might be a bag with a US connector on the outside that connects to a battery. Or just a pocket to hold the phone while it charges.
  • A pocket of tissues, especially if you have to collect children at some point, is important for some people.
  • Do you have a travel pass? An electronic ticketing system? You might like a small compartment on the bag for this, though many people prefer this on their purse.
  • Carry straps make all the difference to a bag. Can you adjust the straps on the bag feels comfortable? If you are using the handbag every day then the comfort will be important.

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