Trends in Popular Bags Australia

Zipper free.

Zippers have been around for about a century, and proved one of the most popular methods for fastening clothes and cases. But some people prefer other methods.

No-one will go back to button up suitcases – it would take too long to close each button. But a pair of strong latches are a good option.

Zippers are still common on soft bags, but they aren’t really the thing on hard shell luggage.

Hard-shell luggage, aluminium or carbon polymers, work well with one touch latches. These allow easy locking.


This has been around for a decade of two. But wheels and a handle on luggage are such a great idea that there are trends within the ongoing practice.

Spinner wheels are proving more popular than fixed wheels; they cause less strain for long hauls.


Again, this has been a concern for a decade or two, because airlines have weight restrictions. But new, lighter materials are always coming along.


Almost everybody has a portable device that will need charging. It’s a super convenient idea to have a USB power point and battery built into the case.

Headphones Jacks.

Easy to leave the device in the case and listen on the headphones via a jack on the case. Maybe Bluetooth will do away with this.

Pop Culture Decoration

There have always been school bags with cartoon characters, but people used to outgrow these pop culture phenomena in their teens. Not it is more acceptable to have superheroes or Japanese cartoons on your airport luggage. Hopefully this does not increase the chance of theft.

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