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Tuscany Bags By Scala

Tuscany bags by Scala are the talk of the town. Why so? Please continue to read.

The Scala lady collects stylish, classy, and artisan pieces that perfectly combine usability with the chic distinct look every fashion aficionado is looking for. She picks accessories that can make a statement and something that can reflect her unique style. Since 1956, proudly Australian brand, Scala featuring Tuscany by Scala, has been designing and manufacturing high quality leather goods. Scala’s wide range of fashion accessories are always ahead of the pack. It leads the industry as to design, function, and appeal.

Inspired by the colours, culture, and lifestyles of Northern Italy’s Tuscany region, the Tuscany leather is a mellow and full grain leather famous for its luxurious look and soft-hand feel. It’s guaranteed, you can enjoy a Tuscany leather for years and years.

The Scala woman is a collector of stylish, artisan pieces, that blend daily usability with their very distinct look. She likes her accessories to make a statement and be a reflection of her unique and classy style.

Scala and Tuscany by Scala is an Australian owned brand that has been designing and manufacturing quality leather goods since 1956. Scala’s range of fashion accessories leads the fashion bag market in form, function, and finish.

From the finest leathers and components, Scala blends handcrafted production skills with superior component selection to create products that captures the imagination of every classy woman. Australia’s unique culture and beauty have inspired us to supply products that Australians are proud to use. Tuscany bags by Scala are the talk of the town.

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